Our Story

What we thought was a fellowship of churches  years ago has now become God’s plan for Resurrection Worship Center & Seibert E.C. Church. When the leadership of both congregations met for the first time in October of 2010 we thought, this would be great! Meeting new co-laborers in the Faith; but God had greater plans.

As we started to share the history of our congregations we found that we were both founded on the very same month and date…100 years apart! This is a meeting that only God himself could orchestrate. Two congregations from different ends of the spectrum where we differed in our organization and worship, yet the ONE thing that united us was our desire to see the lost come to the knowing Grace of Salvation, specifically where God has called us to serve, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Today, we now serve as One Congregation with One Heart, One Vision and One in Christ.