RLS CHurch Guide

Thank you for your willingness to make the RLS church experience a blessed and healthy one.

Entering the building

Entering the Building

  1. Please enter the building through the Foyer Main doors
  2. The Ramp will be available ONLY for handicap needs and baby carriages
  3. The doors to the SIDES of the Main Foyer doors will be unlocked for Entry
  4. The Middle Foyer doors will be locked
  5. Signs on the OUTSIDE will inform you as to which doors to enter through
  6. Signs will inform you that Masks are Required when entering the Sanctuary
  7. Children THREE and Older are required to wear a mask.


First Point of Contact

  1. Ushers/Hospitality Servants will be stationed at the Main Entrance (Foyer) and the Ramp area.
  2. Extra Masks will be available for anyone not having one.
  3. Masks will be offered to anyone not having one.
  4. If individual refuses to wear a mask, we will politely remind them that we have a policy in place requesting masks but if they Do NOT want to wear it, they can see the service online.
  1. Visitors coming into the building, NOT from RLS, will be welcomed and explained the seating arrangements (Families together, Individuals 6 feet apart on the sides)
  1. We will have an Usher offering Hand Sanitizer for those not having their own and wanting to use before entering the Sanctuary. 
  1. The Ushers will SEAT everyone. Please do not wander the Sanctuary looking for seating

Leaving the Sanctuary

  1. Everyone will be dismissed after service by the Ushers (Row by Row)
  2. Please wait until your Row is dismissed.
  3. We will be dismissing from Back to front rows.
  4. Please do not hang around the foyer or sanctuary to fellowship.
  5. Handicap accessible needs and strollers will be directed to the Ramp, ALL others leave by Foyer doors.


While in the sanctuary

Seating in the Sanctuary

  1. Ushers will seat you and your family.
  2. Individuals who come alone, will be seated in the sides of the Main Sanctuary pews, with 6ft distancing between seats.
  3. Once you are at your seat,  may choose to remove their masks- WHILE SEATED.
  4. If someone needs to use the Restroom, they will need to put on their mask.
  5. Anyone getting up from their seat to walk in the Sanctuary will need to put on their mask.

Access in the Sanctuary

  1. Please do not change the seat you have been designated to by the Ushers, unless using the Restrooms.
  2. The Bathrooms accessible for your use are:
    • Women- Foyer area
    • Men- 2nd Floor
    • ABC Room and Behind Altar Bathroom (for Handicap needs ONLY).
  3. There is no access to bathrooms in the Annex (an Usher will be stationed at door leading to the Annex).
  4. There is no access to Bathrooms in the Fellowship Hall (Ushers in Foyer area will redirect people away from basement).
  5. We encourage you give online, for those who choose not to, it can be placed in the basket on the way out (Ushers will be available at the doors with the Offering Plates).
  6. For the time being, we are requesting no one come to the Altar area during worship (the Worship Team will not have masks during that time).